Have Control Your Way with the Ezlo Dashboard App

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Our latest innovation to enter the alpha testing phase is the new Ezlo Dashboard App, a  custom dashboard configurator that lets you create a dashboard to match the needs of different parts of your day.

Many apps, including the Vera app, allow users to reorder widgets and tiles to suit the user’s preferences, but this app takes it even further—offering full customization for a complete user-driven experience.

For example, let’s say you wake up and go into the kitchen. Maybe you have a dedicated tablet there, or maybe you have your phone, but in either case, it would be nice to have a kitchen-specific dashboard. You can create one that gives you fast access to kitchen lights and window shades, scenes to enhance your morning routine, and the ability to add URL links for your morning reading or listening enjoyment.


If you have two homes, you can now have a dashboard for each, and if you have an elderly parent living with you, you can make them a super simple, large button dashboard to control their room.

Featuring a new, intuitive interface, users will be able to add any device, scene, or mode for easy access. Beyond that, users will also be able to change backgrounds, colors, fonts, tile sizes, styles, icons, and more. Plus we’ll offer the ability to add service widgets for weather and calendars.

We will be phasing in features over time, beginning with a simple preview, and ultimately moving toward device control, scene activation, and more. Eventually, users will be able to export the dashboards to their Vera app, or use the Dashboard App itself to control their homes.

We’re excited to get this into the hands of our testing community. If you’re interested in signing up, you can do so here for Android or iOS.

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