Mi Casa Verde Announces Branding Program and Name Change to Ezlo

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Mi Casa Verde Announces Branding Program and Name Change to Ezlo Shop

Denver, CO. September 26, 2013—Mi Casa Verde, a leader in Home Automation, has announced today during the CEDIA trade shows a significant rebranding program beginning with a brand name change to Ezlo. New retail packaging for Ezlo controllers, cellular USB modem support for fallback connectivity,  a national central monitoring plan for dealers to offer their customers, a new management portal for dealers, and an installer online certification curriculum are part of the branding program being offered.

“We have been focused on the enthusiast segment of the market for the last several years. We are now enhancing our efforts to include a broader range of consumers who are very interested in home automation. Our company has grown significantly due to this new group of consumers who are learning about the benefits of an automated home, and looking to purchase our products,” said Lew Brown, president of Ezlo.

“Our international business has grown dramatically, and the Mi Casa Verde name has been a challenge in some of our markets. Ezlo Shop is a name that customers have been using with our controllers, so it seemed very natural as we consumerize our products to update the brand name.”

Brown continued, “We are introducing a number of new programs aimed at making our products easier for consumers to use. For example, we are introducing our 7th generation user interface, which has been completely redone and is significantly easier and more intuitive to interact with. This new UI will make the set-up experience even easier for our consumers.” Ezlo

In five years, Ezlo has experienced a doubling of sales growth annually. Its products are now sold direct-to-consumers in more than 68 countries. The company has been recognized for a number of attributes including: ease-of- installation and expansion; state-of-the-art technology; cost-to-value/energy savings; accessibility from anywhere on smart phones, tablets, and PC’s. The product line is available in over 800 dealers and installers globally.

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