eZLO Smart Home

19 Jul

Alfred Smart Lock Product Overview

The Alfred Smart Lock lets you use a unique key as a backup with the keyed-entry lock option. It has the same touchscreen functionality as the DB2, an elegant key point of entry with a swivel cover, and a touchscreen design. It Includes a Bluetooth feature for One-Touch access, which enables you to open the

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loud sound
19 Jul

What is an Aeotec Gen 5 Z Wave Siren?

Aeotec Gen 5 Z Wave Siren Several disruptive technologies have been introduced to the world in the last decade. One of them is the smart appliance connectivity system through a wireless network. It certainly did uproot the traditional system of using appliances manually and established a far more immersive living experience for people. For instance,

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14 Jul

AGSHome Door Sensor

AGSHome Door Sensor Product Overview: AGSHome door sensor is a smart way to safeguard your apartment, barn, or garage. One alarm siren station, three window and door sensors, and one remote control are included in this 5-piece system. No commitments or monthly fees are required. The alarm siren at 120 decibels deters intruders. You can

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Aeotec TriSensor
13 Jul

What is an Aeotec Smart Dimmer 6?

The Aeotec Smart Dimmer 6 is an intelligent socket that can operate by a remote, wall switch, smartphone, or automation. The Aeotec smart dimmer 6 manual provides much more than a standard plug, thanks to Z-Wave technology. It has a top-notch energy monitoring system that gives the Z-Wave controller access to real-time data on the

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