Why Millennial Women Are Excited for Smart Homes

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Beyoncé ratified this generation’s battle cry with “Who run the world? Girls!” And indeed, her song rings true as millennial women take over our modern age. These women were chiseled to follow their dreams because as little girls, they’re sang to sleep with the hymn that they are special, as all millennials are.

Why Millennial Women Are Excited for Smart Homes?

The Modern Woman

They can manipulate the interwoven web as choreographed as their outfits of the day. They’re set to make big changes as the new financial players in the economical shift. And they know as much as men when it comes to the ins and outs of the digital world. Now that home automation systems play a huge part in today’s technology, millennial women couldn’t be more ecstatic to experience this breakthrough — without batting an eyelash.

What Are the Odds?

A survey from Better Homes and Gardens described that 61% of US millennial women homeowners are interested in smart homes compared with all the women surveyed. The younger gen agreed with other female age groups that it would cost a lot of money, but they see it as a good investment in the long run.

They see home automation as customizable to their budget, an easier security tool, and a time-saver. What’s more is, the IHS forecast suggests that smart-home device shipments worldwide would rise 660% between 2013 and 2018, from 25 million to 190 million. So, we have a lot to watch out for.

A Millennial Woman’s Dream Home

Known as drifting more emphasis on careers over starting their own family, modern women see future homes as the pivot to their lifestyle choices. It goes without saying that the more personalized their homes are, the better it suits their rapid needs. So, from the minute they wake up, to the moment they go to sleep, they are wired with everything; they can feel confident inside their homes and same goes as they set foot outside.

Adding style and décor to the latest technology boosts their overall productivity. It’s beautifully portrayed in Refinery29’s Home for the Millennial Woman video where they accessorized a living space with smart accents styled in a way that the technology seem invisible, and felt like a normal décor.

Bottom Line

Now that millennial women also run the world, they want the best tools to keep them running with or without heels. Smart-home devices help kick-start a brand new day into a productive one. It’s perfect to those who want to be in control of every shade of their lives. May it be for work, safety, or comfort, millennial women are excited for smart homes because they want the easy life. Well, who doesn’t?

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